Lilac SourceTV Recorder

Auto SourceTV Recorder

Since Little Anti-Cheat doesn’t come with a built in SourceTV recorder, I decided to write a complimentary plugin that takes advantage of the “Forwards” Lilac provides to start recording potential cheaters.

You can find the latest version here: AlliedModders
Or here: Github

When and what does it record:

Lilac Auto-SourceTV Recorder will start recording SourceTV demos upon the second Aimbot or Aimlock detection.

These are handled separately, meaning getting one Aimbot detection and one Aimlock detection will not start a recording. It will only record on the second Aimbot detection, or on the second Aimlock detection.

How long does it record:

Lilac Auto-SourceTV Recorder will stop recording if any of the following things happen:

  • The map ends/changes.
  • The player leaves the game for any reason, like:
    • Getting banned.
    • Getting kicked.
    • Disconnecting.
  • 10 Minutes go by and no further Aimbot/Aimlock detections are made.

If the 10 Minute timer runs out, the SourceTV demo will still remain on the server, and isn’t deleted.

Known issues:

Little Anti-Cheat detects a legit aimbot feature called Autoshoot.
Autoshoot isn’t something that will show up on SourceTV demos.
So if you see someone was banned for Autoshoot in the logs, the demo might not be super helpful.

I decided not to do anything about this though, as even tho autoshoot isn’t visible in SourceTV demos - the cheater might still be wallhacking or doing other things that is visible in the demo.

Configuration and Logs:

When Lilac Auto-SourceTV Recorder is first setup, it will automatically generate a configuration file in:

  • cfg/sourcemod/lilac_sourcetv.cfg

And the log file can be found here:

  • addons/sourcemod/logs/lilac_stv.log

Why only record Aimbot/Aimlock?

There are a lot of cheat detections that can’t be recorded to a STV Demo.
Not everything is visible in demos and not everything can be recorded in time,
we can’t predict the future and then record ahead of time to catch someone using things like Bhop, Angle-Cheat or Chat-Clear.

So it makes sense to only record things that don’t instantly ban cheaters and require a couple of detections, like Aimbot and Aimlock.